Technology / Cloud

What technology does HIPAR use?

a. HIPAR use cloud computing technology i.e. “Internet Based Computing”

What is Cloud technology and benefit of the same?

a. Cloud technology is type computing where computing resources are delivered as a service over a network (Internet). It is type of network which provides resources over internet rather than having local or personal hardware or software.
b. In cloud technology, there is no requirement of hardware or network infrastructure such as servers; user gets respective ID and password which can be used to access system anywhere and anytime through internet.


Is my data secure on cloud?

a. HIPAR has its own server, and your system access credential is encrypted with layers so even HIPAR do not have access to your credential information. Only people who has credential to your system can use the HIPAR

I do not want my employee to access my data from outside hotel premise. How should I stop them?

a. In this scenario, HIPAR can provide feature where we can block particular system (IP address) with use of HIPAR system.

If my computer faces a virus or system crashes – what will happen to my data? How can I work on my operations?

a. As long as the question is regarding data security, your data is not stored on your local hard drive hence even if your computer crashes or affected by virus; your data is not affected. Since its stored on cloud, you only need to access another system, go to HIPAR URL (the one which you used), type your credential (ID and Password) and enjoy HIPAR

System Requirement

What are system requirement to use HIPAR software?

a. Computer station with internet connectivity (We recommend minimum 2mbps speed). As we said earlier, in unlikely situation you may use your mobile / dongle internet connection.
b. Latest browser from (IE, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera)

Demo / Trial

Do HIPAR provide demo / trial versions? If yes, how many modules are provided to use in this trial version.

a. For details, kindly contact HIPAR sales team.

How can I purchase HIPAR? What is the procedure?

a. 3 Easy steps
b. Call Us
c. Understand benefit via Demo
d. Install and Go Live

Installation / Set Up

What is the procedure in pre, during and post installation?

a. Pre – Basic Information / gathering of data to set up your account with payment
b. During – Training to concern persons, Master updates
c. Post – Constant support from support team for any need

What is installation time frame? Who will set up initial configuration?

a. Installation can be done in less than 2 Hours. Our support will help configure the same.

Do you provide onsite / off site or Online training?

a. At HIPAR, online training is provided by HIPAR product expert.

I want one on one training; can HIPAR provide me the same?

a. Our primary goal is to provide maximum benefit to customer from HIPAR, for that if there is a requirement for One on One session, then HIPAR can provide the same.

How does HIPAR support if I have new employee?

a. HIPAR support team is just a call away, in case of any guidance; customer can contact HIPAR for support request.


How can I contact HIPAR if I have query?

a. HIPAR support team is always up to answer any customer query / question. Customer can reach HIPAR via following medium.
  i. E-mail ID –
  ii. Mobile – + 91 0000000000

Do I have to pay extra for support?

a. HIPAR believes in customer satisfaction, we do not charge extra for providing support, it is covered under AMC.

What will happen if I am performing check out request and internet goes down?

a. During Night Audit, HIPAR does two actions
  i. Provide options of downloading night audit reports.
  ii. Sends day close / night audit report to registered mail ID every night, so in case internet is not working you may download those from your mobile internet connection and complete your operations manually

Will there be any downtime?

a. We always strive to enhance user experience and develop system with the best industry standard practices. In order to provide you all latest updates of HIPAR, the system has to be updated. To update the current version, we will pre schedule date and time which will be communicated to customer in advance. This update will take short time and also will be schedule at the time when system usage is less such as between 12 AM to 6 AM


I have multiple properties – How HIPAR can help in these operations?

a. HIPAR can be configure for multiple properties, and not only multiple, but it can be configure with organization hierarchy such as Head Office, Regional Office, and Units (Individual Property)

Do HIPAR provide customization based on my need?

a. HIPAR provides industries best practices work flow, there will be minimum chance that we would have not included any work flow, if you feel that your requirement is not fulfilling, then we would love to hear from you and we will evaluate the same.

How many modules do HIPAR provides?

a. HIPAR provides front office (Housekeeping, Room service), Restaurant, Banquet / Venue management,Inventory / material management, and accounts.

Do HIPAR provide customized reports? Is this complimentary or no?

a. For feasibility, kindly contact our support team.

Is HIPAR software is touch screen?

a. HIPAR is working on this graphical interface, we will keep update the website for more information.

How many users I will get?

a. Number of users depends on the package that you choose.

State to state, tax structure defers, what will happen in this case?

a. In HIPAR, the control of maintaining tax structure is given to admin user.

How can HIPAR help me track (Non Room) inventory?

a. HIPAR provide inventory / material management module, where you can manage your vendor, purchase order, stock and more.

I have a hotel website and want to start selling my room inventory online. How can HIPAR help?

a. HIPAR will provide API to you / your website developer, your website developer will do integration between your hotel website and HIPAR so that real time effect will be done on HIPAR

Sales and Pricing

What HIPAR provides in terms of pricing?

a. For details, kindly leave your contact details on our website and our sales team will contact you or find following contact information to reach us.

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