Cloud Technology means Smart Technology


Hipar provides multi-user accessibility with multiple modules. Hipar cloud-based hotel management system is to help users enhance their daily operations. Cloud technology is bound with the advancement of technology, such as smartphones, tablets, improved Internet access and application-based tools —today’s hotel owners and managers can keep their finger on the pulse of their hotels remotely. For example, hotel owners often log in daily to monitor reports for occupancy, average daily rate and revenue per available room as well as profit-and-loss statements—often for multiple hotels or portfolios. While GMs spend most of their time on property, district managers often monitor the three key performance metrics in real time for multiple properties. The access to property-level information while on the go is only increasing as both owners and managers today can check in on tasks like pricing, distribution and reputation management. While laptops and cloud-based solutions are still the predominant medium, more mobile applications are emerging daily to make this data even more accessible.